Travel Advice - Preparing For A Trip

Check if you need a Visa(s) for the countries you will be visiting. If so find out what days and times the embassy or consulate opens and be prepared to queue.Arriving early helps.

Take some extra passport size photos away with you. They are useful for documents and reports.

You should keep copies of important information such as passport numbers,traveller's cheques, insurance policy numbers and credit/debit card numbers in an ultra-secure online document safe such as my T safe.

Always book your first night's accomodation and try not to arrive in a strange city at night.

Travel Advice - Money

Credit Card - pay money into your account so you can useit as a current account and save paying cash advance fees.

Money - keep valuables in a concealed money belt and small change in apocket or wallet such as the cash guard.

On-line Banking - set this up so you can keep aclose eye on your finances.

Foreign Currency - take time to learn the valuesand exchange rate. 

Travel Advice - Electrical PlugAdaptors

UK to Worldwide Adaptor (our code HJ025)- suitable for the following:
EEC countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Far East, Scandinavia,Morocco, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Central and parts of South America and manyislands of the Caribbean. Also suitable for use in parts of Brazil, Indonesia,India and Israel

South Africa to UK 3 pin (our code HJ207)suitable for:
Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, parts of India, China,Pakistan and Kenya, Malaysia, Malta, Nigeria, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lankaand some other parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Foreign Visitor to UK 3 pin (our code HJ094)suitable for:
UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Malta,Mauritius, Nigeria, Pakistan, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka. If convertingthe 3 pin round then please see South Africa to UK adaptor (HJ207).

Please note that in Africa and India  socket types can vary between different areas.These adaptors do not convert voltage.

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