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Ghume Team

Experiece the true spirit of India. !!Namaste!!

By managing the entire process from the first interaction to the last farewell, we give customers the freedom to embrace the vibrant cultures and energy of India within the context of a flexible, quality-assured network of travel consultants, hospitality providers, guides, and drivers.

Michael Colley Hales

Managing Director & Co-founder(Belgium)

Before joining to the European Union in Brussels worked with the translations, and after that he joined to the EU Commission in Brussels Belgium, where he completed with distinction from the EU he works as a volunteer to help students. He met chitranjan kumar in Romania 2003 worked as a project leader (specializing in marketing and sales strategies) and international Cultures and Language, a top-tier strategy consulting firm. Michael has extensively travelled through India and loves sharing his passion for the country.

Chitranjan kumar

Managing Director & Founder(India)

Chitranjan has a background in finance, business development, and international Language and Culture. Graduated from University of Delhi (India) , Prior too completing his MBA at London, He studies  in Romania and Ireland,He has translated Ramayana ,Gita ,Mahabhart, Hanuman Chalisa and one of the famous Kalidas Novel Sakuntala  !Calin! from Sanskrit to Romanian .Chitranjan led several projects relating to culture and International relationships and its development, in collaboration with Madonno lee Anderson, and Alacia Hesse crafted the business plan which became Ghume India Travel. An avid international traveller himself, Chitranjan has a compelling passion for tourism in India and a comprehensive knowledge of the country’s numerous attractions and regions.He is an Active member of RICA ( Romanian Indian Cultural Associastions) and providing his knowledge with Dr,George Anca (Bucharest Romania) to spread the world with better human being,to feel the life and travel which is the inner peace of Our life.


Maurice Rossety

Operations Manager

(London )

Delivering upon the promise of custom tailored travel requires the highest level of interpersonal and operational skills and knowledge - which is where Ghume Travels' Reservations and Operations manager Maurice Rossety plays an invaluable role. After receiving his Experience in Hotel and Management and Hospitality Administration, Maurice joined the company during the first year of business and has helped build our reputation for excellence by helping to deliver exceptional custom travel experiences to thousands of guests. Since the beginning he has engaged in the management and development of our reservations and operations teams and has overseen the expansion of new destinations and hospitality partners. Today, Maurice applies his distinct interpersonal and management skills to Ghume's reservations and operations across India, Bhutan, Nepal and Thailand.

Marie Mignard Delsol

Travel Consulting Manager


Having acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce; her career began with Mphasis and before making the transition into the travel industry. Having deep inclinations towards Indian culture, Yoga and Meditations, and of course spicy Indian food. She resides in France and prepares perfect suitable Itineraries for the guest. The daughter of avid travellers, and she has followed their well-tread paths since childhood. Speaking with customers, identifying their expectations, and providing superior service are some of her strength  so everyone who visits India returns with a satisfied smile!

     krishan kumar
Motivated by a lifelong interest in travel and a desire to bring people from around the world together, Krishan  earned  in Tourism Administration before joining Ghume India. In his role as a Travel Advisor, Krishan shares his passion for travel and creative insights with a global clientele, while also training colleagues in the finer points of creation of custom itineraries and travel proposals. he  have a very good interpersonal skill and motivations towards client, and try his best to offer a valuable services to the Guest.
At Ghume India Travel , we are passionate about delivering an authentic travel and holiday experience that allows you to feel and appreciate India for all her beauty and history. With worldwide offices, cross-cultural teams who genuinely care about our guests, and a physical presence in India, we integrate our travel consulting knowledge and operational strengths to create unforgettable journeys. 

By perfecting your arrangements from our first interaction until your flight home, you'll see India through your own lens and
digest all the sights and sounds that make India, India. 
For any questions and suggestions please feel free to write us at any point of time. Your feedback ,advice and suggestions is the back bone of Ghume India Travel.  mail us at :  or
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