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Gheme India Travel, Yoga & Meditations Video

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The India travel experience is a thrilling boundless celebration of life that straddles between the present moment and antiquity.  Our India tours offer immersion into Indian culture while providing full support services for comfort and safety. The staff at Spirit of India / Original World are the foremost experts in America for India travel. 

The goal of this track was to allow listeners, with little or no meditation experience to quickly and easily enter a light meditative trance with little or no effort.  Embedded into the music are isochronic tones which slowly guide the listener’s brainwaves into a more relaxed state.    This breath track helps to slow the listener’s own breathing.  This can help to relax the listener even more.

Meditation music can really change one’s life for the better. A regular meditation practice can, in some cases, reduce stress, blood pressure and cholesterol. Perhaps, most importantly, this practice can lead to deeper sense of well-being and a sense of inner peace.

The origin of yoga and ayurvedic practices; a myriad of festivals and a wide variety of music, dance and spiritual traditions reflect India’s rich inheritance. come and feel with us , Travel to India by Ghume
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